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The Purchasing Process

We want to make it easy to get your clients into the floating home of their dreams. There are important steps your client should be aware of as they begin their floating home buying journey.

Loan Options

We offer two different loan term options for owner-occupied, investment, and vacation floating homes: a 15-Year Fixed-Rate Loan or a 7-Year Balloon Loan.

Considerations to discuss with your client

Working on a floating home sale is an exciting experience. The process is a lot like a traditional real estate sale, with some unique considerations:


Floating homes are personal property, so they don’t qualify for special loan programs or low down payments


The down payment must be 20%-30% plus loan costs.


Prospective homeowners must also consider the monthly moorage dues and higher insurance premiums.

Structuring The Deal

The sale agreement usually covers extra details that are unique to the floating home. These include identifying the home, working with the moorage, and transferring the title. Most title agents are well qualified to handle a floating home sale, and a few are particularly experienced.

Please let us know if you have questions! We’re happy to share our resources for title agents, float inspectors, insurance agents, and sale agreements.

Current Rates

Floating Home Loan


Annual Percentage Rate

1% loan origination fee
Member pays third party closing costs
Purchase or refinance

15 year

8.75% – 11.00%

7 year balloon 

(30 year amortization)

9.00% – 11.25%

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