Trailhead Rewards

When you open a new loan or certificate or order a fee-based service, just let us know you want to use points. If you are charged a fee that you would like to reverse, just call and tell us. It’s that simple.
Lifetime points are the total number of points you have earned since the beginning of Trailhead Rewards. Lifetime points do not decrease as you redeem points. Available points are the number of points you have available to use. As you redeem points, your balance of available points will go down.
Yes. Your points are tracked per account number (not name) so, if you have more than one account, you can ask us to transfer points from one account to another. You can also transfer or “gift” your points to a friend or family member who is a member of the Credit Union.
When you log into your online Trailhead Rewards account, you will see a complete transaction history of your account. You can see your points earned every month as well as any points you have used or transferred.
Any fee that is listed on our Fee Schedule can be paid with Trailhead Rewards points. Just multiply the fee by 100 and that is how many points you need.
The maximum adjustment is 0.50% with 5,000 points.
No, points can only be redeemed when opening a new loan or new certificate.