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Equity Options Line of Credit

Build up your home. Or your future. For many homeowners, the equity in their home remains the lowest cost way to fund some big expenses in life, from making home improvements to consolidating high cost debt to paying for college—and more! Fix the house. Then fix the rate. With our new Equity Options Line of Credit, you may draw on … Read On »

Is a Cash-Out Refinance Right for Me?

Rates are at a two-year low. Many mortgage rates are at a two-year low, so this is a great time to see if refinancing is right for you. With the equity in your home, you may be able to pay for remodeling projects and other home improvements, reduce or consolidate higher-interest credit card debt, or lower your rate and shorten … Read On »

Visa Balance Transfer

Pay down holiday debt with your Trailhead Platinum Rewards Visa. Just transfer department store and other credit card balances to a new, lower rate with no expiration date. Plus, there’s no balance transfer fee* and no annual fee.  

Wealth Transfer

Help increase what you leave behind. It’s possible to create more wealth to pass along to your heirs while making it income tax-free. If you are in a position to transfer your wealth to beneficiaries, Dean Eisenbraun of Lion Financial can help you maximize its value through a program called Legacy Optimizer. Minimize your heirs’ tax obligations upon inheritance Instantly … Read On »

Cards On/Off

Switch your Debit or Credit Cards on and off with the swipe of a button via Online and Mobile Banking. Have you ever misplaced your Credit or Debit Card? Use Cards On/Off to immediately turn your card off and block transactions. If you find your card, just log in to turn it back on. Or, for increased security, keep your … Read On »

Introducing the new Trailhead Chatbot

We’re excited to introduce a new, additional way for you to connect with Trailhead! The Trailhead Chatbot, available on Google Home and Amazon Alexa/Echo, will answer your questions about Trailhead right away regarding our services and financial terms. Here are some of the things you can talk to the Trailhead Chatbot about: What’s the nearest Trailhead branch location to me? … Read On »

Debt Consolidation Program

Take a step toward financial freedom. Trailhead created our Debt Consolidation Program to help members pay off debt, lower your monthly payments, and improve your credit. Debt consolidation loans allow you to refinance all of your high interest rate loans, into one convenient low-rate loan. There are several loan options available and we will help you find the solutions that … Read On »

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