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Pay with your mobile device

Add your Trailhead debit and credit cards to Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay.

Mobile wallets are the new way to pay. They’re secure, convenient, and easy to use. With a mobile wallet, you can securely store a digital version of your Trailhead debit and credit card on your compatible smartphone, tablet, or wearable device. Then make payments with a single tap or click, with no need to fumble with cash or cards.

Get started with digital payments:

  1. Set up your device. Download or locate the required digital payment app that is compatible with your device and follow the instructions presented on your device to add your Trailhead card(s).
  2. Make a purchase. Look for a contactless symbol at a participating merchant’s payment terminal. Open your digital payment app and simply place your device in front of the terminal’s scanner to complete a purchase.
  3. Enjoy easier shopping. With digital payments, you can even make fast purchases within participating mobile apps. Plus, some digital payment options offer loyalty programs, allowing you to earn special rewards and discounts by simply making a purchase with your device.
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