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Why Float?

Imagine stepping out onto your deck every morning with a slow-drip coffee in hand, enjoying the pristine view of the water and your kayak ready to go at your feet.

Whether you are drawn in by the water activities that will be right at your front door (like fishing, boating, and swimming) or because you want the relaxed lifestyle of feeling the water under your feet whenever you’re at home, there’s nothing like living on the water. We’re excited to help you live your best Northwest life!

Loan Options

We offer two different loan term options for owner-occupied, investment, and vacation floating homes located in Oregon.

15-Year Fixed-Rate Loan

Choose your own term, up to 15-years, at a low, fixed rate.

7-Year Balloon Loan

Your loan will be amortized over 30 years for a lower monthly payment. After 7 years, it will be time to refinance the remaining balance into a new loan.

If you’re not sure about which option to choose, don’t worry! We’ll work with you to determine whether a 15-year fixed-rate or 7-year balloon loan works best for you.

Current Rates

Floating Home Loan


Annual Percentage Rate

1% loan origination fee
Member pays third party closing costs
Purchase or refinance

15 year

8.75% – 11.00%

7 year balloon 

(30 year amortization)

9.00% – 11.25%

Key Considerations

Home Loans

Floating Homes Are Not Real Estate

Floating homes aren’t on land, so they’re personal property rather than real estate. This means they don’t qualify for special home loan programs or low down payments.


20-30% Down Payment Required

Floating home loans require a 20-30% down payment plus loan costs, whether you get your loan at Trailhead or elsewhere. Your exact down payment will depend on your credit rating.

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