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Trailhead Rewards

You like to be rewarded. Who doesn’t?

Trailhead RewardsYou deserve to be rewarded for choosing Trailhead Credit Union and for doing more business with us.

Our Trailhead Rewards program is similar to an airline frequent flyer program where the more you fly on your favorite airline, the more you earn toward free air travel. With Trailhead Rewards, the more services you use at Trailhead, the more “points” you can earn. These points can be used to lower your loan rates, raise your savings rates, and pay for fees.

How do I earn Trailhead Rewards points?

  • Earn 1 point for every $1 in interest you pay on a loan
  • Earn 1 point for every $1 in dividends you earn on a deposit account
  • Earn 100 points for every year you’ve been a Trailhead member

Take advantage of special offers to earn additional bonus points:

  • Earn 300 points when you refer a new member to Trailhead
  • Earn 300 points when you buy a car through Auto Mentors
  • Earn 200 points when you enroll in eStatements
  • Earn 100 points when you have not had any NSFs or courtesy payments for a full calendar year
  • Earn additional bonus points when you take advantage of specially marked promotions

What can I do with Trailhead Rewards points?

  • Get a lower loan rate: Reduce the rate on a new loan by .25% with 2,500 points. Sorry, business loans, 1st lien mortgages, investment property loans, and Visa loans cannot be discounted.
  • Get a higher certificate account rate: Raise the rate on a new or renewing certificate by .25% with 2,500 points. Yes, this includes Certificate IRAs and Add-on Certificates.
  • Pay a fee: Once your pot of “lifetime” points hits 1,000, you can start using them to pay fees. Just multiply the fee by 100 and that’s how many points you need to waive the fee. So, if you want to stop payment on a check (usually $28), you can waive it with 2800 points. Or, use your points to pay for a wire transfer or money order.
  • You can also transfer your points to any other member at the Credit Union and combine your own points if you have more than one account with us.

How do I sign up for Trailhead Rewards?

There is no need to sign up – all Trailhead members are automatically signed up for Trailhead Rewards. As you continue to save, borrow, and use services with the Credit Union, your points will automatically accrue in your Trailhead Rewards account.

How do I know how many points I have earned?

You can check your points by logging into the Trailhead Rewards system.

Simply enter your account number and the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number for the password. You will be asked to change your password after you log in for the first time. You’ll see how many lifetime points you have, how many total points are available to you, and a quick history of your Trailhead Rewards transactions.

Then, the next time you open a new certificate, apply for a loan, or pay a fee, simply let us know you would like to redeem some points. With Trailhead Rewards, you are in control. You decide how you want to earn points, and you decide how you want to spend points.

Trailhead Rewards Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I use Trailhead Rewards points to adjust the rate on a loan or certificate I currently have with Trailhead?
A. Sorry…points can only be redeemed when opening a new loan or new certificate.

Q. What is the maximum I can buy up a certificate rate or buy down a loan rate?
A. The maximum adjustment is .25% with 2,500 points.

Q. Can I use points to pay any kind of fee?
A. Any fee that is listed on our Fee Schedule can be paid with Trailhead Rewards points. Just multiply the fee by 100 and that is how many points you need.

Q. How will I know when I have points added to or taken out of my account?
A. When you log into your online Trailhead Rewards account, you will see a complete transaction history of your account. You can see your points earned every month as well as any points you have used or transferred.

Q. Can I combine my points among my various accounts or give them to a friend or family member?
A. Yes. Your points are tracked per account number (not name) so, if you have more than one account, you can ask us to transfer points from one account to another. You can also transfer or “gift” your points to a friend or family member who is a member of the Credit Union.

Q. What is the difference between “Lifetime” points and “Available” points?
A. Lifetime points are the total number of points you have earned since the beginning of Trailhead Rewards. Lifetime points do not decrease as you redeem points.
Available points are the number of points you have available to use. As you redeem points, your balance of available points will go down.

Q. How do I redeem points?
A. When you open a new loan or certificate or order a fee-based service, just let us know you want to use points. If you are charged a fee that you would like to reverse, just call and tell us. It’s that simple.

Trailhead Rewards is a program of Trailhead Credit Union. The program is subject to change or may be withdrawn without notice. Points earned remain the property of the member for up to one year after the program’s termination unless earlier forfeited by resignation or termination of membership or default on any Credit Union loan or obligation.

Points are awarded at the end of every month and will be posted to your Trailhead Rewards account no later than the 5th business day of the next month. Points are earned on the whole dollar only; there is no “rounding up.” Loan rate buy down excludes business loans, 1st lien mortgages, and Visa cards.

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