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We will be closed on Monday, January 17 for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.


Alerts can be edited at any time in digital banking.

  • Log in
  • Select the account you would like to edit an alert for
  • Click Alert preferences in the menu or Manage alerts in mobile
  • Under Alerts
    • Click Edit next the alert you would like to change
    • Change your criteria for the alert
    • Click Save

Alerts can be deleted at any time in digital banking.

  • Log in
  • Select the account you would like to edit up an alert for
  • Click Alert preferences in the menu or Manage alerts in mobile
  • Under Alerts
  • Click Edit next the alert you would like to change
  • Click the Trashcan icon or click Remove in mobile

Alerts will need to be re-entered in the new system. To set up alerts in digital banking:

  • Log in
  • Select the account you would like to set up an alert for
  • Click Alert preferences in the menu or Manage alerts in mobile
  • In the Balance alerts section, select Add alert.
  • Select Above or Below, and then input a dollar amount.
  • In the Alert/Notify by field, select Email, Text message, or In-app message.
  • Select Add Alert to save the alert
  • Repeat steps for Transaction alerts


Any scheduled bills will be paid as scheduled and scheduled payments will carry over to the new digital banking experience.

Bill payment accounts will be automatically transferred and do not need to be set up again.

Common Digital Banking Error Messages

This error is present during the log in process and typically means that our records show that you have previously created an account with us. If you forgot your username and password, on the log in page click “Forgot?” and follow the steps to recover your account.

This error is present during the enrollment process or when updating credentials. Click on Show Rules below the username and password field to see the credential requirements.

This error is present during the enrollment process and means that the phone number you entered does not match the phone number we have on file. If you have an alternative phone number, you can try again. If you would like to update your phone number in our system or need other assistance, please contact us.

This error is present during the log in process and typically means that your account information does not match our records. Please contact us via phone or chat to confirm we have the correct phone number and username on record.

This error is present during the log in process and typically means that your credentials didn’t match our records. Try entering your credentials one more time. If the error persists, please call us at 503.220.2592 for further assistance.

This error is present during the log in process and typically means that your account has been locked. This can happen for a variety of reasons but is easily resolved. Please call us at 503.220.2592 for assistance unlocking your account.

Digital Banking Upgrade

We think you will enjoy the convenience of:

  • Single platform for online and mobile banking, with consistency across all devices
  • Modern, clean look
  • Logging in with two-factor authentication
  • Adding notes, tags, and pictures to your transactions
  • Integrated loan application

There is no need to enroll in digital banking if you have previously enrolled in online banking. Log in with your existing online banking credentials on either the digital banking website or the new mobile banking app. If you are having trouble logging in, you can reset your password to recover access to your account.

If you have not previously used online banking, then you may go through the enrollment process via the digital banking website or the mobile app to get started.

Yes. The Apple app is available on the App Store and the Android app is available on Google Play. Search for Trailhead Credit Union.

You spoke and we listened. We are upgrading our digital banking experience to provide convenience with enhanced security, speed, and functionality.


Account statements and tax documents can be downloaded from digital banking. These are only available for accounts already enrolled in eStatements.

  • Log In
  • Click on any account listed
  • Click on eStatements from the Account Details page in the options menu
  • Statements and Taxes will be listed for each year available

Logging In

You can access the new digital banking and your account on a desktop, laptop, mobile phone, or other internet-accessible device. Simply log in with your existing online banking credentials to both online and mobile banking. There are two access points:

  1. Visit our website and click Log In to get started
  2. Download the NEW mobile banking app from the Google Play or Apple Store

Note: You will not be able to access the website via old bookmarks or the previous mobile banking app.

Two-Factor Authentication is a security measure that allows you to request a one-time access code to log in to digital banking. The code enhances the security by creating an added layer on top of your unique username and password. This security process helps to verify you and better protect your credentials and the accounts you can access.

No. Check the “Don’t ask for codes again on this computer” box if you do not want to receive a confirmation code or phone call each time you log in. If you prefer to input a confirmation code with each use, you can leave the box unchecked or use the 2-Factor Authentication app to deliver the code.

Note: If you ever want to remove a device and reset your security settings, you can change them in settings once logged in to digital banking.

Two-Factor authentication uses a unique one-time access code to verify identity and log on to digital banking. If you are unable to receive text (SMS) messages, you can choose to receive your access code via a phone call.

  • On the verification code screen click “Try another way” located beneath the Verify button
  • Select Phone Call and click Next
  • You will receive an automated phone call that will provide your access code (Have a pen and paper ready)
  • Return to the verification code screen
  • Enter your access code and click Verify

If you are still having trouble, contact the credit union to ensure we have the correct phone number on file.

You need to clear your cache in Chrome to remove all cookies. If you need further assistance, please contact us.

You can recover your account by going through the “Forgot Password?” steps.


Whatever device you are on, it’s easy for you to start a secure conversation with the credit union:

  • Log in to digital banking via the Login button on the website or via the mobile app.
  • From a desktop, click on the envelope icon in the upper right-hand corner of digital banking or select Conversation from the dashboard of mobile banking.
  • Click Start a conversation or click the conversation icon on mobile.
  • Type your message and click

A member service consultant will respond shortly.

Miscellaneous Mobile Questions

Yes, you can!

You can customize a unique Dashboard set up for each of your devices. Changes to one device’s Dashboard layout will not affect the arrangement on other devices.

  • Tap the slideout menu and select Settings.
  • Tap Security in the menu.
  • Tap the toggle next to Touch ID.
  • Select Enable Touch ID.

The Apple mobile app requires a minimum version of iOS 11. The Android mobile app requires a minimum version of Android 5.0.

When you are using the mobile app, there is not a log out button to push. You can exit the app by going to a different app or your home screen. Each time you navigate away from the app, your active session is ended, which serves the function of a log out button. When you navigate back to the app, you will be asked to re-authenticate, and if you have quick access features such as FaceID, TouchID, or passcode log on, you can gain access quickly each time.

If you want to remove the connection between your device and your account altogether, you can go to the Menu > Settings > Remove Profile. This will remove all association between your account and the mobile device and app you are using. Each time you attempt to access the app after this, you will have to put in the full username, password, and 2-Factor authentication to authorize your account on that device.

  • Tap the slideout menu, and then select Settings.
  • On the Profile screen, select the pencil next to the end-user profile image.
  • Choose to use an existing photo or use the device’s camera to take a new photo.
  • On the Move and scale screen, adjust the photo placement within the frame as desired.
  • Select Done.

Miscellaneous Online Questions

For your security your account will time-out after 10 minutes of inactivity.

When accessing on a browser, click on your name at the top right-hand corner of the screen and select “Sign Out”.  You will be taken to our website homepage and your session will be closed.

Recommended browsers (current major release):

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Chrome

Note: Microsoft no longer supports Internet Explorer versions older than 11.0, and security updates are not available. Please download one of the browsers listed above. Safari versions below 10.1.2 are not compatible with the initial log in process. To complete the initial log in process, upgrade to the latest version of Safari, or use Chrome or Firefox.

The following types of browsers and tools are not recommended for use with digital banking:

  • Beta versions
  • Embedded browsers within Personal or Commercial Financial Management Software

Transfers & Transactions

Account transactions can only be printed in online banking.

  • Log In
  • Click the Accounts tab
  • In the Accounts section, select the account
  • On the Activity section, select the printer icon. Only transactions that show in the Activity section will print.
  • A print screen appears with a print preview and print configuration options.
  • Using the dialog, configure the print settings and select Print.

Account transactions can only be downloaded in online banking (excluding the app).

  • Log In
  • Click Accounts
  • In the Accounts section, select the account you like to download transactions for.
  • In the Activity area, select the first icon (downward arrow)  next to the print and search icon.
  • On the Download Activity window, select the Date range and File Type and click

You can add notes, tags, and images to any transaction inside of digital banking. To begin:

  • Log in
  • Click on any account
  • Click on Transactions (in mobile)
  • Select the Transaction you wish to edit and pull up the transaction’s details page
  • Click on the appropriate icon for one of the following:
    • Add Tags
    • Add Notes
    • Add Images
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to update the transactions
  • Close the transaction detail page or tap < Transactions in mobile

Any tags, notes, and images attached to transactions will be accessible on all devices when you log in to digital banking in the future.

Account transactions can be searched in digital banking by amount, date, tags, etc.


  • Log in
  • Click Accounts
  • In the Accounts section, select the account you would like to search
  • In the Activity section, select the magnifying glass icon
  • Click on the Search and sorting options to open Advanced Searchin digital banking
  • On the Advanced Search window, you can select specific search filters and select Search

Mobile app:

  • Log in
  • Select your account you want to search
  • Select Transactions
  • Tap the magnifying glass icon
  • Tap the gear icon to use Advanced Search options
  • Log in
  • Select the account you are needing to view
  • To view all account activity, view the Activity tile or Transactions in the mobile app

To transfer between your credit union accounts in digital banking:

  • Log In
  • Click Move Money > Transfers > Make a Transfer online or tap the slideout menu > Transfer > Make a Transfer in the mobile app
  • Select your To and From account and amount
  • Click More Options to change the frequency and date if desired
  • Click Submit

Updating Information

You can rearrange the order your accounts display in digital banking to reflect the sequence you want.

  • Log In
  • From the Accounts click on the three dots and click Organize Accounts in online or click the opposing arrows in mobile
  • Drag and drop the accounts to rearrange the order
  • Click Done

You can rename any account in digital banking.

  • Log in
  • Select an account from the Accounts section
  • Select Settings from the options menu
  • Next to the account name, select Rename
  • Type the new name, and then select Save

You can change your username or password at any time in digital banking.

To change username:

  • Log in
  • Select your username icon in the top right corner or menu in mobile banking
  • Select Settings and then select Security option on the left side menu
  • In the Username field select Edit
  • Enter your current password when prompted
  • Change your username and select Save

To change password:

  • Log in
  • Select your username icon in the top right corner or menu in mobile banking
  • Select Settings and then select Security option on the left side menu
  • In the Password field select Edit
  • Enter your existing password, and then enter a new password
  • Select Save

You can update your phone number, email address, or primary address in digital banking.

  • Log In
  • Click on the User Profile icon and click Settings
  • Click Edit next to your phone, email, or address
  • Verify your password
  • Edit your contact information
  • Click Save

Using Quicken or QuickBooks

For the first time logging in to Quicken, QuickBooks or Mint after the digital banking update, you will need to reconnect all accounts in order to reactivate your feed. You will need to do the following actions on Quicken:

  • Log in to the new online banking system first to verify access and set up Two-Factor Authentication
  • Log in to your Quicken software
  • Always take a back-up of your software before performing any new action
  • Find the account you wish to update
  • Click the Actions option on the account
  • Click Edit Account details
  • Select Online Services and Reset Account or Deactivate/Reactivate account
  • Ensure that you are using Express Web Connect option (Direct Connect is not supported)
  • Insert your username and password
  • Select how you would like to receive your one-time passcode
  • Complete the setup and review your transactions

You may have to perform this action for each share on your account in order for all of them to link. QuickBooks and Mint follow the same process but have varying on screen prompts.

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