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His Future Starts Now

Grow Your Child’s Future with Trailhead’s Easy Saver Certificate.

As parents, ensuring a bright future for our children is our top priority. One crucial aspect of preparing them for success is teaching them financial responsibility from a young age. At Trailhead Credit Union, we understand the importance of starting early when it comes to financial education and planning.

The Easy Saver Certificate is perfect for young savers.

Trailhead’s Easy Saver Add-On Certificate is designed specifically for young members (under 20) to take their saving to the next level. Here’s why it’s perfect:

  • Low minimum deposit: Start small! An Easy Saver Certificate can be opened with just $10, making it an achievable goal for your child.
  • Easy to grow savings: Encourage regular saving habits by making additional deposits anytime throughout the 12-month term.
  • Earn a high rate of return: Right now, the Easy Saver Certificate offers a fantastic 3.00% APY* – that’s a great way to watch their money grow faster than a regular savings account.

Investing in your child’s future starts today.

Visit your local Trailhead branch or contact us today to learn more and open an Easy Saver Certificate for your child.


* Annual Percentage Yield as of 6/18/24 and subject to change. Penalty for early withdrawal.