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Visa Credit Cards

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With three different credit cards to choose from, we have one that meets your needs.

Benefits Included with all Trailhead Visa Credit Cards


No Annual Fee

$0. We’re seriously not a fan of annual fees.


No Balance Transfer Fee

$0. We don’t charge you to transfer your balance.1


No Cash Advance Fee

$0. That’s not a typo. Starting to sense a pattern here?1

Credit Cards

Grace Period

We give you a 28-day grace period on all purchases before they start earning interest.


Lower rate for Balance Transfers

Get a reduced rate when you transfer balances from other high-rate credit cards.

Which card is right for you?

Trailhead Credit Union Rewards Visa Credit Card

Rewards Visa Credit Card

Best if you ...

Want to earn rewards on everyday purchases. You will earn Pathfinder Points to redeem for cash back, gift cards, travel, merchandise, and more.


13.50% – 18.00% Variable

Limit$1,000 Minimum Limit
Trailhead Credit Union Platinum Visa Credit Card

Platinum Visa Credit Card

Best if you ...

Want a great rate and carry a higher balance.


13.50% – 18.00% Variable

Limit$500 Minimum Limit
Trailhead Credit Union Secured Visa Credit Card

Secured Visa Credit Card

Best if you ...

Want to establish and build credit.


13.50% Variable

Limit$300 Minimum Limit

Current Rates

Visa Credit Card


Purchase and Cash Advance APR

Balance Transfer APR

Variable rate is based on the Prime rate as published in the Wall Street Journal on the first day of the month and subject to change on the first day of the following month. 18% ceiling.

Platinum Credit Card

13.50% – 18.00% Variable

10.50% - 18.00% Variable

Rewards Credit Card

14.50% – 18.00% Variable

11.50% - 18.00% Variable

Secured Credit Card

13.50% Variable

10.50% Variable

Pathfinder Points

Use your Trailhead Rewards Credit Card to earn Pathfinder Points for all your purchases, big and small.

Take your money further

Your everyday purchases have never been more rewarding. Use your Trailhead Visa Rewards Credit Card and earn Pathfinder Points for all your purchases. Then, get rewarded with cash back, gift cards, travel, and more.

Login to Pathfinder Points

Learn more about Pathfinder Points

Security & Benefits

Stay Protected

Visa blocks potential fraud if abnormal patterns are detected and they will let you know if they suspect fraudulent activity. Plus, you always get a $0 Liability Guarantee for fraudulent transactions.2

Cards On/Off

Use digital banking to switch your credit card on or off with the click of a button. If your card has been lost or stolen or if you need to disable your card ASAP, logon to digital banking to temporarily deactivate your card.

Overdraft Protection

We offer this optional service to help you prevent declined purchases or other overdrafts when you link your eligible Trailhead checking account to your credit card. Transfer fees may apply.

Mobile Wallet

Add your Trailhead cards to your mobile wallet for secure and convenient payments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The total outstanding balance of purchases, balance transfers, and cash advances in your account on the closing date of a billing cycle, including any interest charges, will be shown on your monthly statement for that billing cycle as the “New Balance.”

Your APR is a variable rate and will change with the Prime rate as published in the Wall Street Journal on the first day of the month and subject to change on the first day of the following month.

We determine it based on your credit score, income level, and ability to borrow. We try to find a limit that makes the most sense for you.

Your minimum monthly payment will be 3.0% of your outstanding balance (“New Balance”) or $20.00, whichever is greater.

Request a Balance Transfer

Get a lower rate on your balance transfer.

Transfer Your Balance


1) Interest begins the day you make a cash advance or balance transfer.

2) $0 Liability Guarantee. The $0 Liability Guarantee covers fraudulent transactions made by others using your account. To ensure that you are covered and protected, please do not share personal or account information with anyone. Claims may only be filed by the account holder against posted and settled transactions subject to dollar limits and verification, including providing requested information supporting fraudulent use claim.

3) Visa Account Agreement & Disclosures