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How can I access my money without coming into a branch?

There are a variety of ways to access your everyday member services, without coming into a branch:

  • Withdraw Money: ATM | Cash back at Point-of-Sale
  • Check Deposit: ATM | Mobile Deposit via Mobile Banking app or Online Banking
  • Apply for a Loan: Website | Call 503.220.2592
  • Pay a Loan: Call 503.220.2592 | Mobile Banking transfer | Online Banking transfer
  • Lost or Stolen Card: Call 503.220.2592
  • Apply for a Mortgage: Website | Call 503.220.2592
  • Apply for a Membership: Website | Call 503.220.2592
  • Ask a General Question: Call 503.220.2592 or 800.942.9408 | email info@trailheadcu.org | Secure Message through Online Banking or Mobile Banking

Trailhead remains committed to serving our members during this challenging time. Please call if you need any assistance.



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