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Top 5 Money Matters for High School Grads

Congratulations — you’ve just made it through 12 years of school. Whew! You’ve been busy mastering Algebra II or studying for finals, but don’t forget about your financial wellness. Here’s the lowdown on what you need to know now about money. Open an Account Whether you’re going away to school or staying close to home, it’s time to start managing … Read On »

5 Ways to Build Credit

Today, your credit score impacts so much of your financial life. It determines whether or not you qualify for a loan or credit card, dictates what your interest rate will be, and is a major factor considered when renting or owning any property. It may come as a surprise, then, that 1 in 10 Americans don’t have any credit history, … Read On »

Green Auto Loan Discount

You value the environment, but you also want value. At Trailhead, we want to help you save money and help our community at the same time. So we are rewarding you with a loan rate discount for choosing a “green” car. Receive 0.25% off your auto loan rate when you finance any of the following vehicle types: Hybrid Electric Vehicle … Read On »

How to Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones from Cybercrime

Here’s a guide outlining classic online fraud attempts to help you stay cybersecure. You’ve heard the words describing how hackers and scammers gain access to online information, but do you know what they really mean? Phishing, Smishing, hacking, spam? Check out this short guide outlining how to protect yourself and your loved ones from cybercrime and how to keep your … Read On »

Ten Tips for Shopping Securely Online

Keep your finances safe from sneaky scammers this holiday season.   It seems just couple of years ago, consumers were skeptical about shopping online, but today, shopping online for everything from groceries to televisions has become the norm. But it comes with some risk. The FBI Internet Crime Report shows that cybercriminals were responsible for $4.1 billion in losses in 2020, … Read On »

Gift Card and Mobile Deposit Scams Alert

Fraudsters are continuing to get creative in ways that they can scam money out of innocent people. They will stop at nothing to try and trick you into giving them your personal and account information. It is important to watch out for their latest scams and understand ways to protect yourself. Don’t fall victim to the Mobile Deposit Scam: In … Read On »

Card fraud is on the rise. Take steps to prevent it.

Trailhead’s Visa Fraud Prevention Service works behind the scenes to monitor your credit and debit card accounts for unusual activity. When abnormal activity is detected, you will receive an automated call or text asking you to verify (or deny) the purchases. Here are 3 steps you can take to protect yourself as well: Make sure your cell phone number is … Read On »

Earn CASH BACK with a Rewards Credit Card

Earn double points for dining and take-out and redeem for cash back with a Rewards Visa Credit Card from Trailhead! Enjoy the benefits of a card that rewards you with Trailhead’s Rewards Credit Card with Pathfinder Points. Pathfinder Points is a new program that offers a great experience with an extensive reward catalog and exciting ways to earn! Earn Pathfinder … Read On »

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Finding the Best Car Loans

Taking a car loan out to purchase a car is a big financial decision and will affect your budget for a long time. Choosing a loan package and vehicle are decisions you want to make with confidence. Read on to learn the four mistakes to avoid to be sure you find a trustworthy lender and the best car loans. Spot … Read On »

Should I refinance my auto loan?

People often want to refinance their auto loan for various reasons. As with any financial decision, there are pros and cons to consider. The Pros of Auto Refinancing: Lower your monthly payments. Refinancing into a new auto loan with a different rate and term (the time period you take to repay the loan) could result in a lower monthly payment … Read On »